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Please also read Introduction to see the story of how Liam came to live with us.

I am the 56 year old grandmother of Liam and Lucas and divide my time between Rochester, NY and the metro Detroit area. The time in each place depends on a variety of factors including hormones, kids, grandchildren, husband and what my hair is doing on any given day.

I am a soapmaker and skin care maker, making all kinds of fabulous products - by me - by hand. I have an amazing following of customers and, for that, I am grateful.

I prefer to write with humor as my backdrop because, otherwise, I might be living in the Crazy Woman's Home for the Hormonally Challenged. It's good to laugh at one's self.

I love writing, gardening, soap making and fantasizing about what it'd be like to not have MADD (Mother's Attention Deficit Disorder).